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I'm Ali and I'm a

Graduated from University of Southampton in 2019 with a degree in BSc Computer Science. During my studies I worked as an intern software developer for various fintech and startup companies. Since my graduation I have enhanced my skills by experiencing different technologies in various roles and currently working as a full time front-end engineer at Tickitto.

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My services

Web Design

Building modern and intuitive UI wireframes and converting them to live websites using up to date tools and technologies. Some of my previous work can be found here.

Client Solutions

Listening, understanding and coming up with a soution to specific problems and taking action to provide the best end result for the customers.

Mobile App Development

Providing platfrom agnostic applications and solutions as per requirement using relative and up to date technologies.


Either it is an unfinished project or just an idea, we can collaborate on the future plans and the approaches on how to structure and implement the task.

My skills

My creative skills & experiences.

With various experiences and exposures to different languages and technologies I have expanded my knowledge around numerous methodologies and tools. It is a pleasure for me to dive deep into the unknown and learn how to swim in the sea of the new. I have a strong focus on creating quality and maintainable code as well as critical thinking abilities for solutions that require a good understanding of the problem space.

HTML 100%
React 90%
JavaScript 80%
NodeJs 80%
CSS 70%
C# 60%
SQL 60%
MongoDb 60%


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Ali Beyit
London, United Kingdom
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